Care Homes

We produce Care Home designs from feasibility to completion.

Feasibility for New Build

 Care home developers find sites for sale across the UK. They contact us to look into the viability of siting a care home on these sites. This gives them the opportunity to calculate what they can get from the site, and go through costing exercises to determine whether to buy the land.

New care homes for large care home providers need to be of a certain size to balance costs. They should have a minimum number of bedrooms, and all the other spaces are laid out to support those rooms giving area ratios between the different types of accommodation. We hold spreadsheets of area ratios so that our feasibility studies for care homes sites show a care home of suitable area. We fit the shape of the care home to fit the site in accordance with our spreadsheets.

We usually produce a booklet which keeps all the information together. It will contain information about the site, the proposed layout, room count, areas and may include sketched images of the proposal. it is not supposed to provide too much detail or show any particular architectural style or features, just an idea of what’s possible there.

There is some general information about the Feasibility stage on our feasibility page.

Visit our Feasibility page

Refurbishing Care Homes

Maintaining standards in care homes is paramount and many existing care homes may be accommodated by buildings which are longer compliant in their current format.

We can develop new layouts and work with structural and mechanical engineers to ensure walls are moved to provide adequate distances, en-suite bathrooms are adjacent and fully accessible, and there is adequate ventilation to all the rooms.

Kitchen and dining areas, lounges and all other rooms can be laid out to modern standards. We will work with you to make sure you get the most out of the building you have, to create a lovely living environment which will benefit the residents.

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