Design Type

We have a variety of architectural design types to offer. This is not an exhaustive list, as we can design any kind of building with a client to lead us.

We have split out Home Alteration Designs into their own category. These often fall within permitted development and are described together as a list on the planning portal so we have followed this format.

Beyond Home Alteration Designs we have a page for each type of design, from Refurbishment Design to Care Home Design to Urban Design. If your architectural design type is missing, feel free to Enquire so we can help.

Real Homes have a number of pages devoted to extensions

We Design Urban

Find the type of architectural design work you are looking for under the menu drop-down above. Hover over “Design Type” to see what’s available. We also have experience in industrial, school, university and many other types of building. Our approach is simple – if it’s a building – we’ll give it a shot!

We are also very keen to work on civic buildings such as new designs and alterations to art galleries, libraries and town halls. We relish community projects which can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives. Airports, bus and tram stations and other transport projects which move cities forward are also tremendously interesting to us.

If you have any architectural design work we can assist with, please let us know.

Enquire about Architectural Design Work

Call the office on 0113 318 3078 or 07772 750 855, email or send a message via the contact page.