We work at early stages to produce informtion which helps Clients determine the feasibility of their projects.

Pre-Purchase Feasibility

Most Clients looking for feasibility work contact us after seeing a piece of land for sale. With a building type in mind, they need to know what could fit on the site. This will inform their decisions on whether to go ahead with the purchase.

Early Stages

The brief could be to see how many apartment units will fit on the site, or if a care home with gardens and parking would comfortably fit within the boundary. We will look at the site against the accommodation needed and explore various options. This involves looking at factors such as scale of local buildings and suitability of use in that area. We will develop layouts which respond to the context, and meet the requirements of the brief.

Layouts and Areas

Layouts produce scheduled data such as number of units, area per apartment and Gross Internal Area (GIA) for the whole building. This allows the developer to discuss the project with a cost consultant to make sure everything stacks up. This can lead to changes to the layouts to increase or decrease the number of units, or change the mix of 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments. It can be an iterative process to get an ideal building form.


Different clients require different outputs. Sometimes the client needs a number of plans at A1 or A3 showing the scheme. It can involve producing floor plans and coloured area plans. Other clients like the layouts to be included in a booklet with a cover, site context analysis and area schedule. Booklets like this can easily be developed into a Pre-App to query the notion of the project with Planners. As well as the plans in 2D, our work at feasibility stage can include working on the appearance of the building in 3D using SketchUp.

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Enquire about Feasibility

Call the office on 0113 318 3078 or 07772 750 855, email enquire@we-draw-buildings.com or send a message via the contact page.