Garage Conversion

Garage conversion projects are a fantastic way to increase your living space. We can assist you in converting your garage to improve the layout of your home. 

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Design Parameters for Garage Conversions

Garage conversion projects are rather like building into an extension which is already there. Many garages are already attached to the house, providing a shell to knock through into and convert. It is sometimes necessary to extend the garage to the front, rear or side, or build upwards in order to make the most of the conversion. These may need planning approval or may fall under permitted development. We can design something within permitted development or otherwise apply for planning. We work with a range of parameters so your garage is ready to convert.

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Planning & Permitted Development

Most garage conversions will not need planning permission as they fall under permitted development. This is because they normally do not require any change to the physicality of the external shape of the building. However, if the garage is to be brought forward, or extend towards the boundary in a way which contravenes the permitted development rules, or if going full-height, the planning department will need to consider the impact and make a judgement via a planning application.

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Party Wall Notice

If you are building within 3m of your neighbour’s property and /or your excavations are deeper than theirs, or if you are within 6m away and your excavations are deeper than a 45 degree angle downwards from theirs, the party wall act applies and a Party Wall Surveyor will need to issue a party wall notice to your neighbour. This informs the neighbour of your project and how it will impact upon them. The neighbour can agree to the contents of the notice. If they do not agree within the timeframe, a party wall award is developed, which states that both parties agree to the changes. Both parties must sign the award before development begins.

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Example – Typical Garage Conversion

Imagine a house with a garage attached to the side. There are a number of critical factors to address – the garage door, the floor, the walls, roof and drainage.

  • The garage door must be bricked up leaving space for a window. This wall will need a foundation.
  • The garage floor is lower than the house and is made from concrete. This will need to be raised to the level of the house. This can be done using timber and needs to be insulated.
  • The walls of the garage are only one skin of brickwork thick, and have no insulation. The walls needs to be lined with insulated plasterboard so that the garage space becomes internal space.
  • The roof needs to be insulated. All the insulation must meet the requirements of part L1B of the building regulations.
  • The most difficult part of the job could be the drainage under the garage floor slab. If there is a manhole in the garage it would need to be moved.

Depending on the layout of the house it might be best to extend the rear of the garage so that the kitchen can be extended sideways. Many houses have the stair on the wall to the garage so that wall cannot be opened up a great deal. By extending the garage to the rear, the kitchen can be widened and opened up, and a room can be added to the front. Alternatively the whole area could be self-contained, with its own en-suite. There are many options for garage conversions which we can help you to explore.

Garage Conversion – Technical Design

With most of the structure already in place, a garage conversion is often a case of making the garage watertight and weathertight like the rest of the house, addressing the drainage and then installing insulation, internal walls, fixtures and finishes. We are familiar with these details and are able to develop a technical design package which will meet building regulations approval.

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Structural Engineer

Any time you are making new openings in an existing structure it is important to have all the calculations covered by a structural engineer. The engineer will consider the impact on the whole structure and design accordingly. We will co-ordinate his design with ours and give to the contractor to build from.

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