Garden Layouts

We draw buildings also draw gardens. Some clients want to get closer to nature at home and provide space for the kids. Some request a barbecue area, a shed or somewhere to grow vegetables. Others just look for relaxation among the plants. We can help you organise the space into a delightfully workable solution.


Garden Design – In the first instance we need to have a look at your garden. We can do this using google maps, google street view and google earth. This is often done on the phone at your initial enquiry. From this we can see the garden in plan, talk about it with you, and discuss your aspirations. You may wish to send us some photos of the garden and house. We like to receive anything you have seen that you like, along with any sketches. Tell us everything you can so that we can think about a layout.

Design work

While all gardens are different, a number of factors which set certain design parameters. Firstly we assess the site from different angles. We look at access, orientation, slope, light and shade, existing buildings, existing trees & plants etc.. Ideally we will visit the site but it is possible to work from a distance initially, using site photos. Next we consider what you want from your garden. You may have some sketches or images of gardens you like. This leads us to develop sketch plans. These lay out the main zones or features of the garden.
This is known as “programming”.

Before the programming exercise there were often a number of potential solutions. After programming, one particular option usually stands out as the best solution.
We take this option forward and work on the sketch plan. This often leads into AutoCAD. We can scale things more accurately from a survey. This will give a better idea of the true design. We add this to a title sheet to produce a professional plan layout. Our plan usually has some hand draw sketch images showing views looking in different directions.

Garden Design – Example layout

The following example is for a garden in West Yorkshire. It is an overgrown triangular plot with no boundary treatments. The land falls away with distance from the pavement. It is a corner plot with a track behind serving garages. The first job was to design a retaining wall at the back near the garages. This provides a level base for the garden. The design was then developed using three zones – entertaining / grassed area / wild area. The entertaining area faces the afternoon / evening sun and is accessed directly from the existing house. This area is great for barbecues or enjoying a late evening glass of wine.

Developing the Zones

Neighbouring properties are screened off with a rustic brick wall, giving the feel of a walled garden. It offers glimpses of the distant valley through picture frames in the wall. The picture frames did not allow neighbouring properties to overlook. The seating area is purpose-built in chunky timber with built-in planters. The entertaining zone is defined by an arc of slate paving with inset lights and a barbecue towards the far end.
In front of the seating is a grassed area, with wildflowers in the grass. There are taller bedding plants towards the corner. A light holly hedge flanks the perimeter.

Towards the far corner is a secluded wilder area. It has a new cherry blossom tree providing shade to the corner when mature. Under the tree is a small pond, surrounded by rocks and wild grasses. This wild area has a bird table and bird bath which is visible from the house and seating area.

Enquire about an Extension

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