New Home

New Home – Some Clients contact us requesting the design of a new home. This is something we enjoy greatly. We can design the house using a variety of construction methods. From traditional brick and block walls with a pitched roof, to timber cladding and a wildflower roof. Some houses use metal cladding, fibre cement panels or concrete. However you want it to look, we can provide that, but it also has the work perfectly for you. We will strive to create a perfectly designed and detailed home for the next stage in your life.

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Design Parameters for Extensions

New Home – The two key factors are site context and client. It goes without saying that the site context offers a different situation and set of views for every project. A new home – in fact any new building – should celebrate these positive attributes through a designer who notices them.

One most important factor in the equation is the client. The client may have an affinity with a particular material or architectural style. They may describe or list things they want, such as rooms adjacent to each other. They may request specific products such as doors, stairs or roofs. We can work all these factors into the design if presented to us. Alternatively we can work with the context and accommodation schedule to create something we hope you will love.

Example – 2 Bed House Design

A customer requested a 2 bed bungalow on her parents’ land. She already had a design from a number of years ago, which remained unbuilt. We reviewed it and found it was no longer suitable, as it was a 3 bed house over ground and first floors. Though its elevations were not particularly appealing, the ground floor layout was roughly the right shape for the client. It did require a addition of a snug and single bedroom, and a relocation of office and WC.
On the first floor was the master bedroom and family bathroom. The eaves provided ample wardrobe space. There was a balcony over the patio doors below, making this Southern elevation highly glazed.
The old plans had been prepared on a drawing board and were difficult to read. We developed the plans and elevations using Autocad and exported them to pdf ready for the planning application at 1:100.

Planning & Permitted Development

It is not possible under UK law to build a full house under permitted development. The plans have to go through the planning department. For the example project above, the new design was not as high but similar in floor plan. We anticipated planning approval. The new design was also greatly more pleasing to look at than the previous one.

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Party Wall Notice

Observe the Party Wall 3m and 6m rules. Sometimes you are building within 3m of your neighbour’s property. Your excavations may be deeper than their foundations. A party wall surveyor will need to issue a party wall notice to your neighbour. You may be within 6m away from your neighbour’s building. Your excavations may be deeper than a 45 degree angle downwards from theirs. Again, the party wall act applies. A party wall notice will need to be issued to your neighbour.

Sometimes you share a boundary wall impacted by the design. Again, a party wall notice will be needed. This informs the neighbour of your project and how it will impact upon them. The neighbour can agree to the contents of the notice. If they do not agree within the timeframe, a party wall award is developed, which states that both parties agree to the changes. Both parties must sign the award before development begins.

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New Home – Technical Design

After Planning comes the technical design. At this point the architect will add more detail to the design including dimensions, materials, notes, sections and details. The contractor will be able to build from these, and they will be of sufficient detail to obtain approval from building control.

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Structural Design

A new building requires the services of a structural engineer to provide the necessary calculations. The architect normally designs the basic parameters of the extension to a design you like. We then send it to the structural engineer to make it work from a structural perspective. Once complete, we will co-ordinate his design with ours to create an integrated design for building regulations and construction.

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