Office Design

Office Design – Updating your office improves the image projected to clients, makes the workplace more pleasant and improves the wellbeing of staff. We can provide an office design more suited to the way you want to work.

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ffice Design – Clients often have a strong idea of layout for their office refurbishment. If this is the case, we will simply develop those ideas into a construction package. We will review the design against building regulations. Next, we prepare a drawing package for the contractor to build.
Alternatively, clients ask us to come up a new layout for them. We will develop the design as follows:
Assessment of available space:
Bubble diagrams / programming / zoning for:
• Circulation
• Lift & Stairs
• Fire Strategy
• Open plan desk accommodation
• Enclosed room desk accommodation
• Meeting rooms
• Breakout space
• Reception
• Kitchen
• Toilets
• Stores
There are often other areas especially in larger offices. We can develop the layout for any size of office.

Office Design & Specification

There are many facets of the modern office which can be considered separately, to make the office work as a whole.

In this article, we have split these into:

  • Circulation & Spaces
  • Elements

See below for more. 

Circulation & Spaces

• Circulation – Developing a strong circulation strategy is key to defining a legible and workable space.
• Open plan office – This is where most people sit. The orientation of desks can be changed. New desks can be added.
• Manager’s offices – Individual offices for the people in charge. These often have glass screens separating from the open plan area.
• Reception – The reception sequence can be updated with new desk, guest seating and TV, close to the toilets and meeting rooms. This space speaks about the company.
• Kitchen – A smart new kitchen can be installed, appropriate to current user levels.
• Break-out space – Many existing offices do not have break-out space. This can be worked into the design with different seating and lighting to the desk areas.
• Meeting room – The meeting room can be renovated, expanded and improved. Include the latest technology fit for purpose to project a modern image to visitors. There can be sliding partitions in such rooms to change their size.
• Games / relaxation area – It may be necessary to provide entertainment. This could be a pool table, table football, table tennis etc.
• Stores – provide adequate space for future storage
• Server rooms – allow adequate space for maintenance & expansion of racks. Consider heat buildup & airflow in server spaces.
• Roof Garden – provide space on the roof to break out, get some fresh air and hold meetings


• Floors & flooring – Floors can be altered, and raised floors can be taken up and reconfigured. New mechanical and electrical systems can be laid to suit the new design. Modern, hard wearing office flooring can be added. These will greatly improve the appearance of the office.
• Walls – Fit-out offers the potential to remove walls, go open plan and add walls in new locations. Feature walls and changes in finish can complete the look.
• Ceilings – Fit-out is a good opportunity to remove old ceiling grids and alter any ductwork. Adding modern ceiling options completes the look. This involves a modern lighting choice appropriate for the different zoned uses in the layout.
• Lighting – Remove old strip lights and update to energy efficient LEDs. Change the location and frequency of lighting to suit different uses.
• Doors – Opportunity to change doors and upgrade security / fobs & cards etc.
• Glazed screens – Update and / or add glazed screens which may move or slide
• Mechanical (air) systems – Replace old air systems. Alternatively, give a thorough overhaul including changing filters and fan assemblies. Install new, energy efficient systems to serve different parts of the new layout. We will co-ordinate the mechanical engineer’s designs with ours.
• Electrical – Remove the previous decades’ amendments to wiring. Upgrade the consumer unit to suit the new design. Increase capacity for additional future loads. Engage an electrical engineer who can calculate office electrical loads. Consider ground and air source heat pumps and solar panels. 

Offices and Sustainability

Offices need to be designed with the planet in mind.

Click to see how a building in London scored a BREEAM Outstanding rating of 99.1%:

Click for a document by The Crown Estate which is a sustainable fit-out guide for offices:

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