Outbuilding Conversion

Converting or adding an outbuilding within your plot is a great way to add indoor space. This can be for a variety of uses and we can provide the drawings for this kind of project.

Outbuildings have traditionally been very useful buildings, used as garages, storage, maintenance and ancillary uses as well as summer houses. Today the summer house concept has blossomed. There can be welcome retreat at the end of the garden. A respite among nature. This could be a studio, yoga room, office or sleeping accommodation, with electricity, running water and heating.

Real Homes have a number of useful pages about Outbuilding Conversions

Design Parameters for Outbuilding Conversions

There are many different kinds of outbuilding conversion. The most successful conversions have one thing in common – a large opening glazed aperture onto the garden.

Some very small outbuilding conversions are tremendously successful. The space available and the intended use, along with budget, are the main factors affecting design. We can work with you to develop your ideas for the perfect outbuilding to suit your garden.

When pushing the limits, outbuildings can be something of a grey area and it is worth reading up in detail about peoples’ experiences with Planning. 

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Planning & Permitted Development

If you would like your conversion to fall under permitted development, thereby avoiding the planning process, there are strict rules about what is possible.

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Click for information about Planning for Outbuilding Conversions on the Planning Portal

Party Wall Notice

Depending on how tall and heavy your structure is likely to be, the party wall act may come into play. As an example, if you are adding onto a tall Victorian boundary outbuilding close to your neighbour’s home, and building using masonry walls needing concrete foundations, then the likelihood increases. If you hope for more of a lightweight shed with no foundations, needing a party wall notice is not likely.

Observe the Party Wall 3m and 6m rules. Sometimes you are building within 3m of your neighbour’s property. Your excavations may be deeper than their foundations. A party wall surveyor will need to issue a party wall notice to your neighbour. You may be within 6m away from your neighbour’s building. Your excavations may be deeper than a 45 degree angle downwards from theirs. Again, the party wall act applies. A party wall notice must be issued to your neighbour to let them know your plans.

Sometimes you share a boundary wall impacted by the design. Again, a party wall notice will be needed. This informs the neighbour of your project and how it will impact upon them. The neighbour can agree to the contents of the notice. If they do not agree within the timeframe, a party wall award is developed. This states that both parties agree to the changes. Both parties must sign the award before development begins.

Enquire about an Outbuilding Conversion

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