Sustainable Architecture

The future is sustainable and We Draw Buildings are ready to provide green architecture. With the general public ever more conscious of the need to live greener, we hope to provide buildings which do not cost the earth.

There is an urgency for more sustainable ways to live, which is gaining momentum. Green elements are often first to be removed from building designs during cost exercises, a change in attitude is needed throughout the construction industry. To become mainstream, change needs to be imposed from government, or no-one will do it. In the mean-time, people with a passion for sustainable architecture will continue to gradually expand its base.

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Design Parameters for Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable building design is sometimes perceived to be expensive, but this is not the case. It just means we have to work beyond tradition by choosing materials, energy systems and construction methods which do not place a heavy cost on the environment. Designing using timber products, recycled materials and leaving space for biodiversity creates architecture which pollutes less, as well as improving the wellbeing of the inhabitants.

Sustainability Assessment Methods
There are many more ways to improve the sustainability of our built environment, and these are quantified in a number of comparable international schemes which allocate points to improvements, such as:

BREEAM – Sustainability assessment system from the BRE dating back to 1990. It is the most prevalent system in the UK. Globally there are 550,000 certified projects and over 2 million registered projects.

LEED – A similar system from the USA came into use in 1998 with over 80,000 certified buildings worldwide.


Another popular method is Passivhaus, which focusses on increased insulation, air tightness and fan-driven air systems.

Visit the Passivhaus website

Inspired Sustainable Architects

We Draw Buildings admire the work of two sustainable architects in particular. Their buildings are made from timber, which has low embodied energy, is not toxic and can be returned to earth after use.

Click for Architekten Hermann Kaufmann

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Enquire about Sustainable Architecture

We like to work on sustainable projects however small. Even if you are planning a small refurbishment and would like to do it sustainably, we would like to help. We find this very interesting, rewarding and essential work, and we assist where we can.

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