If your project fell under permitted development, or has planning approval already, we can develop the project to provide technical drawings for construction. Our technical experience enables us to take projects from concept design to site.

Private & Commercial Clients

We can provide drawings for private clients’ home alterations. These include extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions, basement conversions, outbuildings, porches, and new homes. With a great deal of experience in the residential sector, we are always looking for domestic clients.

For commercial clients we can work on one-off, repeat projects or continuous projects. These can be for any commercial sector including developer housing and offices. See our design pages for more information.

Purpose of Technical Drawings

The technical design package enables:
• Detailed quotations to be sought from contractors
• A building regulations package to be submitted to building control
• The contractor to build the project

Technical Detailing

Technical detailing is required because before the technical stage there is very little information about how the building will be constructed. Planning stage is there to show how the general design intent dovetails with national planning policy. The suitability of the proposed use of the building is measured, along with the scale of development, materials choices and other factors. While it is possible to allude to some detail factors at planning stage it is not always necessary or possible at the required planning scale of 1:100. Once Planning is out of the way, we are able to zoom into all areas of the building and make sure everything is fully detailed.

Below we have outlined things we commonly do to take a project from concept design / planning stage to construction.

  • Zoom in from 1:100 to 1:50 and 1:20
  • Redraw to brick dimensions
  • Develop sections
  • Add grid lines
  • Add overall dimensions, and for rooms, openings, heights and distances
  • Add annotations
  • Add detail markers
  • Draw details at 1:5 all to provide a detailed package which accurately describes the intention for the build to a contractor
  • Work alongside the structural engineer who develops a drawings package based on the architectural drawings
  • Decide on a large number of materials, systems and products to use in the building, or develop a specification which does not state products but shows how to meet the performance needed to pass building regulations and meet warranty criteria. This leaves the product specification open to the contractor to choose (usually on design and build projects).

Performance – Building Regulations

The building regulations are a suite of documents which describe a level of specification needed for a building to be deemed safe and fit for purpose.
The building regulations usually do not state exactly how to achieve the requirements, leaving many things open to resolution a number of ways. Many technical factors are about general principles of construction which apply to a range of details. Experience at technical level provides the confidence to approach each detail methodically and resolve any potential pitfalls which could potentially lead to failure.
The building regulations can be found here

Performance – Warranties

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations, many developers seek to warranty their buildings. To do this, they must be built to the standards set by the warranty provider. LABC and NHBC are two of the UK’s leading housebuilder warranty providers. All new buildings in the UK must pass building regulations, which can be considered as a base level specification. The LABC and NHBC warranties go further. Unlike the building regulations, where a vast number of permutations can achieve each requirement, the LABC and NHBC technical manuals describe in detail, in words and drawings, how the details need to be constructed. They are easy to read and understand. We use these manuals with the building regulations to ensure our drawings describe sound construction methods. The contractor must then execute the construction work according to the drawings we provide. The result should be a development which would meet LABC and NHBC Warranties.

Enquire about Technical Drawings

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