Title Plans & Lease Plans

We create Title Plans and Lease Plans which are compliant with HM Land Registry for UK property.


This page provides general information about Title Plans and Lease Plans, how we create them and the process involved. 

Title Plans

Title Plans are for freehold property. We produce Title Plans to form part of your application to register freehold land and property with HM Land Registry. Please visit our Title Plans page for more information.

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Lease Plans

Lease Plans are for leasehold property. We produce Lease Plans to form part of your application to register leasehold land and property with HM Land Registry. Please visit our Lease Plans page for more information.

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Our Process in 7 Steps

1   Booking – You book in with us and arrange a suitable time for us to visit

2   Site Visit – We take measurements including communal and external areas to create a dimensioned sketch plan

3   CAD – The sketch plan is converted to CAD and the plan is laid out on a sheet with title block

4   Quality Control – The plan is throughly checked for compliance with HM Land Registry guidance

5   Email Confirmation – We let you know the plans are ready for your approval

6   Client Approval – We email the plans for approval after payment is received

7   Dispatch – Once approved, we post 4 printed plans to your address. Updates required after this are free of charge

Where does the plan information come from?

We obtain the plan information from four main places:
1) The 1:1250 OS map can be bought from a map provider, which gives us the most current and accurate information held by Ordnance Survey. There is a fee for downloading these maps.
2) We can trace the old 1:1250 map you send us, which might work out just as accurate as the OS map, provided it is legible and the 1:1250 scale bar is on the same map. This option is mainly for reproducing an old Title Plan. If there are lots of changes it would be better to download a new OS plan, survey what is there now and put the two together.
3) We can receive CAD plans from you, for example if you have just built new apartments and you have everything already in CAD from the architect or designer. A Site Plan normally does the job, as well as floor level apartment layouts, for us to produce Lease Plans.
4) Our survey, which is usually for leaseholds, looks at the apartment at a zoomed-in scale, showing rooms including undulations of chimney breasts and alcoves which are not visible at 1:1250 or held by the Ordnance Survey. The lease plan will have both a 1:1250 location plan in the title block and a main 1:100 / 1:200 / 1:500 plan of the apartment or leased area.

Title Plans & Lease Plans – how we create them

We use Autocad to produce the plans. We start by looking at the information we have received via the 4 options above. This can involve scanning, converting the file, downloading and taking into photoshop to get things into the format needed. We may insert an image of your existing Title Plan into Autocad or you may have already sent us something in CAD format at the right scale.

We have a suite of template files which have the appropriate lineweights, linetypes and colours needed for HM Land Registry to approve. Our template files have been developed in-house to cope with a wide variety of plots. See the examples at the bottom of the Title Plan and Lease Plan pages.

Information on the Plan

The simplest plans we produce show a red boundary on a 1:1250 plot. These need the following information:

State the scale – 1:1250 @ A4 / 1:1250 @ A3 etc. Always state the paper size after the scale.

Scale Bar – show the distance in metres so it can be read off clearly.

North Arrow – ours is a circle with a line pointing North and a letter “N” in the centre. The circle is rotated to point at North

Key – Shows the red line, with the word “Freehold” or “Leasehold”.

If there is more than one plan on the same page, each plan needs its own title, scale bar, north arrow and key. These can differ from the other plans on the same page, for example the scale might be different and the plan might be rotated for ease of reading, thus turning the north arrow to a different angle from the Location Plan at 1:1250.

If there are communal or other areas these colours need to be added to the key for that plan.

Apartment Plans – these need to show a plan of all the apartments for that floor in blue edging, numbered, known as Leasehold Floor Level Title Plans.

The purpose is to communicate as clearly as possible so there is no room for ambiguity leading to rejection of the application.

About the Plans – Base Maps

Base maps are Ordnance Survey (OS) maps. They are either in black & white or in colour. They are available electronically in Autocad (.dwg) format for us to download. Each map corresponds to the relevant wider area containing your plot. For larger projects it might be necessary to obtain more than one map, or you may have a CAD map we can use, for instance if you are registering a new housing estate or apartment project. If you have a paper copy of your original Title Plan which is illegible or of a questionable scale, send it to us and we may trace it, or download a new CAD plan which is up-to-date.

About the Plans – Colours

Our use of colour is strong and minimal. We keep everything we can black and white so it is shown as clearly as possible. Then we add colour strongly to give a clear message. Because these are legal documents, anything shown which can confuse the communication of what the plan is trying to say is removed. That is why the only colour shown on our plans stands out. Also, traditionally title plans were black and white with a red boundary.
When we download CAD maps from a map provider, such as mapserve, ukmapcentre or ukplanningmaps, we receive two plans – a black and white one and a colour one. While the colour map is arguably nicer to look at, the colours denote uses which are not needed for this application process. Our competitors often use the colour maps, which makes the plan more difficult to read when adding further red, green and blue lines over the top. This adds confusion and increases the likelihood of the plan being rejected. On our plans, any colour shown is doing a very important communicative job.
We have used photoshop to obtain the actual colour pallete shown on the HM Land Registry example key to produce our own key in Autocad. We use this for our plans to ensure the HM Land Registry will receive colours they are familiar with.

About the Plans – Scale

For Title Plans two main scales are important – 1:1250 for urban areas and 1:2500 for rural areas. This is because plot density in urban areas is higher than in rural areas. Most plots will fit on an A4 page at these scales, but if they do not, HM Land Registry will accept larger paper sizes from A3 to A0.
1:1250 and 1:2500 show the plot within the context of other plots and streets (or fields) at a neighbourhood scale. Though it is not necessary, many providers of Title Plans also show a plot plan, zoomed in to a much larger scale. This shows the plot in detail with any additional information which may be available. This is not strictly necessary for Title Plans to be accepted unless the plot shape is complex or detailed. In the past, dimensions were occasionally added to Title Plans and if this is needed, we can add dimensions to yours. Whether this information will be taken into account by the HM Land Registry is another matter, as the scale they work at is 1:1250.
For Lease Plans, a lease may be for a smaller area, for instance a studio flat. HM Land Registry still need this at 1:1250 but it will be very small, so a plan at 1:100 or 1:200 should be shown on the same page. The red line shows the lease extents. One Lease plans, green has become customary for communal areas. Blue usually shows “floor level leases” or how the plot for that floor is split down into leases. For more about colour see above under “About the Plans – Colours”.

Practice Guide 40 supplement 5

This is the main document which spells out what HM Land Registry require for Title and Lease Plans.

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Enquire about Title Plans & Lease Plans

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