Title Plans

We create Title Plans and Lease Plans which are compliant with HM Land Registry for UK property.

Title Plans

Title Plans are for freehold and leasehold property, which together with the Title Register form the Title Deeds.

Our Title Plan forms part of your application to register a new or modified freehold or lease with HM Land Registry. This will provide a new or updated postal address.

The Title Plan we produce can also be used in marketing brochures if needed.

Our Title Plans for Marketing Brochures

The title plan we produce is not only in the required format for HM Land Registry, it is also a clear and attractive page which can be used in marketing brochures. If what we produce for your application to HM Land Registry is not quite right for your brochures, we can amend it afterwards as a separate graphic design exercise. We can also create brochures for marketing using Photoshop and InDesign.


If you are a conveyancer you will be well acquainted with Title Plans. Contact us next time you are applying to HM Land Registry and need to send Title Plans in your application.

Title Plans for New Housing

New Housing – when new homes are built, the new addresses need to be registered with the UK Land Registry. Our title plans accurately describe the new plots in a format which is acceptable for the application. We offer a swift service to produce the plans needed. Simply send us the “as built” version of the site plan in Autocad (.dwg) format and we will return Title Plans for you to apply to the HM Land Registry. This service is quicker than the full 7-step process as it does not include a site visit to survey the property.

Title Plans for Existing Housing

A number of reasons can lead to you needing new Title Plans for your property. On example is that you are selling your house and your old title plan has almost illegible title plans. We can redraw your title plan using Autocad from the information you provide. This will enable you to apply to HM Land Registry for a fresh Title Plan for your deeds.

Title Plans for New Apartment Block

If you have built a new apartment block, each apartment will need a lease Plan – see below for these. As landlord you will need a Title Plan which describes your freehold for the new building. 

Title Plan – Private Basement Conversion Example 

To convert a basement into a self-contained flat with its own address, and sell it as a Leasehold property, you will need an updated Title Plan for the main house, which shows that the basement is now leasehold. you will also need a Lease Plan to obtain a postal address and deeds to sell the basement leasehold, as well as creating marketing material.

Other Names for Title Plans

Title Plans are often referred to more broadly as Land Registry Plans, Conveyance Plans, Conveyancing Plans, Boundary Plans or Plot Boundary Plans. Lease Plans are Title Plans which are commonly called lease plans by agents dealing with leasehold property. Title Plans can also be called Leasehold Plans and Freehold Plans. Essentially all of these are the plan part of the deeds.

Our Process in 7 Steps

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HM Land Registry Information

The document to follow on Title Plans is Practice Guide 40 Supplement 5.

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Title Plan Examples:

Enquire about Title Plans

Call the office on 0113 318 3078 or 07772 750 855, email enquire@we-draw-buildings.com or send a message via the contact page.